Getto’s Top 30 Red meat, great treats and more - 2007

Posted: June 7, 2007

Of the four new restaurants that appear on this annual list of Milwaukee's best eating establishments, two have the word "grill" in their names, a third beckons with a carnivore-friendly name, and a fourth has built a reputation for great slabs of red meat cooked to order.
Together, they show that more of Milwaukee's elite restaurants are stepping up to satisfy the area's seemingly insatiable appetite for steak.

Over 22 years of assembling the top 30 (originally top 25), I've watched the number of steakhouses making the cut 
grow steadily.

The newcomers are the Mason Street Grill, Jackson Grill, Carnevor and the Savoy Room.

Carnevor and a returning top 30 restaurant, Dream Dance, are even betting that some Milwaukeeans are so intoxicated by the taste of steak they will be willing to shell out $140 to $160 for the privilege of eating true Kobe steaks from Japan, which are considered the world's best. (See story on 14E.)

But not all of the restaurants on this list are steak establishments. French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Cuban and American cuisines are all represented. And for those interested in vegetarian dishes and organic foods, two restaurants - Roots and Barossa - both serve dishes guaranteed to satisfy.

All of these restaurants have been accorded a full review within the last 18 months, some very recently. All earned at least 3 stars, many 3½ or even 4. In addition to their ratings, each of these 30 restaurants has distinguished itself with a high quality of both food and service.

For this annual listing, I've compiled capsulized descriptions with busy readers in mind. While strict dress codes are a thing of the past in even the most elegant establishments, I've tried to offer apparel guidelines based on how patrons in each restaurant typically dress.

I also provide details about outdoor dining (where it exists), and the quality and nature of each restaurant's wine offerings.

Once I compiled the list, I looked it over to determine distinctive aspects of each restaurant - the view, the atmosphere, the food - to provide diners with a clearer picture of their choices.

My ultimate goal is to guide you to those places where your meal will transcend mere eating and become an experience you and your companions will remember for years.

In the Cudahy Towers,925 E. Wells St.
(414) 765-1166

What makes it great:
 World-class food and service and one of the best wine lists in the state.

What to wear: This is definitely a dress-up place; whatever you put on should have a designer label.

A great spot for: That special-occasion meal that you want everyone to remember for the rest of their lives.

You might not notice, but the glassed-in conservatory was first designed, built and assembled in England, then disassembled and shipped to a firm in Chicago, which brought it to Milwaukee and assembled it.

Outdoor dining: Lunch is served in the conservatory five days a week.

Wine list: Draws from the entire world, with whites and reds from all of the major wine-producing regions of the world.

Hours: Lunch 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday-Friday; dinner 5:30-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 5:30-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday; 5-8 p.m. Sunday. 

Prices: $21-$45. 

Credit cards:
 All major. 

Reservations: Recommended.

Champagne Dinner Series: Bollinger Champagne Dinner
Marchesi di Barolo Wine Dinner
One of America's Top 100 Wine Restaurants